At Kyoto University, a number of researchers, both in the humanities and sciences, have continued to conduct research on Africa in a wide range of fields. In July 2016, the Research Unit for Interdisciplinary African Studies was established as a hub for African researchers and students affiliated with Kyoto University. The aim of this research unit is to integrate the research, education, and international cooperation activities that the respective faculty of the university carry out in their academic works in various parts of Africa. The research unit consists of members from ten graduate schools and research institutes and is actively engaged in consolidating and disseminating research output on Africa and serving as the external contact point between the university and the African region.

Activity Objectives

  1. Develop the organizational infrastructure within the university by strengthening cross-sectional cooperation among faculties related to the African region for developing “the Kyoto University Addis Ababa Liaison Office.
  2. Consolidate and disseminate information on research, education, and international cooperation activities in Africa, and through the hub function, aim to create new research projects, promote the dispatch and acceptance of international students, and promote international cooperation programs.
  3. Serve as the university’s representative contact point in the region, with the goal of forming networks and strengthening relationships with institutions with which we have academic exchange agreements, government agencies as well as KU alumni associations.

Official Website

For more information about our activities, please visit KU Africa Unit official website.


KU Research Unit for Interdisciplinary African Studies
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