Research Hub

Founded in April 1986, the Center for African Area Studies (CAAS) at Kyoto University emphasizes (1) long-term fieldwork in Africa, (2) an interdisciplinary research style that int…

MOU agreements

The Center for African Area Studies (CAAS) of Kyoto University has established academic cooperation and exchange agreements with universities and research institutions in African countries. In order to support students and promote exchanges at the Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies (ASAFAS) of Kyoto University, MOUs are often established between the three parties including CAAS, ASAFAS, and research institutions in Africa. Through these agreements, CAAS actively promotes the exchange of researchers, including graduate students, the promotion of joint research, the exchange of data, and publications, and the organization of symposia and workshops.

Africa Office, Field stations

The Center for African Area Studies (CAAS) established the Africa Office in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, in collaboration with the Kyoto University Africa Unit, which is composed of 10 graduate schools and research institutes in Kyoto University. The CAAS also manages and operates field stations in six locations in Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Namibia, Cameroon, and Niger) as bases for field research, in cooperation with the Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies (ASAFAS), Kyoto University.


Japan-Africa Scholars Network (JASNET) aims to promote the development of African studies through exchanging ideas and deepening the dialogue among scholars involved in African studies.