CAAS supports the Super Global High School (SGH) program of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), as part of the High School and University Collaboration Program. CAAS faculty members also give individual lectures at elementary, junior and senior high schools on nature, culture, society, and the lives of people in Africa. We also give lectures on various topics of the social problems in Africa, such as economic disparity, urban sanitation, terrorism and civil war, ethnic conflicts, desertification, and tropical forest conservation. In recent years, we have been working with the Kagawa Prefectural Marugame High School, Zeze High School in Shiga Prefecture, Seinan Gakuin High School and Osaka Seiko Salesian High School. In recent years, we have also been actively providing advice and support for inquiry-based classes and group studies, which are becoming increasingly important in junior and senior high schools. We hope that our practices will be a stepping stone for elementary, junior high and high school students to broaden their horizons to Africa and the rest of the world.