African Research Fund

As a global hub for African Studies, the Center for African Area Studies (CAAS) promotes research that contributes to the following issues;

  1. Study of history, languages, cultures, livelihoods, economies, and ecology in Africa
  2. Addressing contemporary issues such as conflict and terrorism, poverty reduction and economic development, and food security
  3. Solving environmental problems such as the conservation of tropical rainforests, land restoration from desertification, urban sanitation and wildlife protection

Africa’s share of the world’s population is predicted to increase in the future, and its global presence will grow even more. Therefore, in order to strongly promote the activities of CAAS and to build academic partnerships between Japan and African countries, the African Research Fund was established as a Kyoto University Fund. We hope that you understand the importance of perspective and activities of African Studies at Kyoto University, and we look forward to your support.

Please see African Research Fund for details.