Daniel Aynalem Baheta(著)

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This book focuses on the dynamics of wartime education and its effect on the livelihoods of rural people in a settler village called Gadien. The author considers three main areas. First, he looks at the perceptions of government policy makers, students, parents, and teachers, and their expectations of formal education. Second, he outlines how each stakeholder has different interpretations of education. Finally, he highlights the consequences of the introduction of formal education in conjunction with the war and recent developmental policies in Eritrea.


Ch. 1 Introduction
Ch. 2 The History of Education in Eritrea
Ch. 3 Literature Review
Ch. 4 Perceptions of Stakeholders in Gadien
Ch. 5 The Effects of Education on the Livelihoods of People in Gadien
Ch. 6 Girls’ New Role during Wartime in Gadien Village
Ch. 7 Conclusion and Recommendation