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Toshikazu TanakaResearch Fellow


The agricultural people, who live in central highland of Ethiopia, practice traditional agriculture that is tied with cattle breeding. This ox-plow agriculture has enabled self-sustaining production on limited land. In this area, the cattle can be considered as a very important life resource for agricultural people. The objective of this research is to understand indigenous ox-plow agricultural systems from various points of view such as breeding science, agriculture, history and anthropology. The study will focus on the various aspects of relationships between people and cattle.

Specialized field / Research project / Keywords

African Area Studies , Ecological Anthropology ,Ox-plow Agriculture, Rural Development, JIKA-TABI

International Conferences
  • Toshikazu Tanaka“Tractor or Ox-Plow :A Focus on Working Efficiency of Indigenous Tilling Practice in the Central Ethiopian Highlands” Poster presentation, The 6th International Research Forum of A Role of African Area Studies for "African Crisis" :Emerging Approaches to Understanding the Crisis of Agricultural Research and Extension in Africa, Tuesday. 15. Feb.2011, Inamori Foundation Memorial Hall, The Center for African Area Studies, Kyoto University
  • Toshikazu Tanaka "An Area Study of Indigenous Ox-Plow in Africa: A Focus on Working Efficiency of Tilling Practices among the Oromo of the Central Ethiopian Highlands" Poster presentation, The Future of Local Knowledge in a Changing Africa:Exploring the State of Institutions of Mutual Assistance and Social Integration, Saturday.15.June.2013, Inamori Foundation Memorial Hall, The Center for African Area Studieds, Kyoto University

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