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Kyoko Nakamura Research Fellow


I have been conducting research among Samburu of north-central Kenya; these people are Maa-speaking pastoralists, who are well known for their colorful and decorative beaded adornments. My work focuses on historical changes and recent trends in Samburu adornments, especially on changes related to the modern context, such as involvement in the tourism industry, school enrollment, migrant work in towns, and the capital economy. This research also examines changes in the life-course of both males and females. Historically, the Samburu have had a fairly rigid social structure based on an age system, and both men and women have lived their lives according to various rules determined by gender and age categories. However, some Samburu people are now constructing alternative life courses. My research focuses on changes in marriage and circumcision, which mark divisions between age categories in the life courses of both men and women.


Anthropology, East African pastoral society, age system, life course, beaded adornments, “Maasai,” tourism and ethnic culture

Educational/Occupational Background

1988 B.A. Tsuda College (Literature)
2008 Ph.D. Kyoto University (Area Studies)

1988 IBM Japan(-1994)
1994 Secretary General, AMDA(Non-Profit Organization) Nairobi Branch(-1997)
2008 Research Fellow, ASAFAS, Kyoto University (-2010)
2010 Research Fellow, Center for African Area Studies, Kyoto University (-Present)
nakamura2 2008 Part-time lecturer, Osaka University (-Present)
2008 Part-time lecturer, Ritsumeikan University (-Present)
2009 Part-time lecturer, Osaka Jogakuin University (-Present)
2011 Part-time lecturer, Kinki University (-Present)


Japan Association for African Studies
Society for Ecological Anthropology
Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology
Japan Association of Nilo-Ethiopian Studies

Books Journal areticles, Book chapters
  • 2011 Nakamura K. Representation of the Maasai by the Maasai: Information Sharing between Scholars and Local People. Nilo-Ethiopian Studies 15: 11-21.
  • 2007 Nakamura K. Social changes in the moranhood of the Samburu age system: Individual circumcision and irregular marriage. In (X. Sun and Naoki Naito, eds.) Mobility, Flexibility, and Potential of Nomadic Pastoralism in Eurasia and Africa. ASAFAS Special Paper No.10., ASAFAS, Kyoto University: 119-130.

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