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Morie KanekoAssociate Professor


I have been conducting anthropological research on the cultural transmission of techniques of body and technological innovation among women potters in Ethiopia. In this work, I examine the formation of African local knowledge in a global context by focusing on the process of creating objects, such as producing craftworks, processing agricultural products, creating souvenirs, and even generating waste, as the outcome of person–environment transactions. I also engage with local people in ethnographic exhibitions, in a community museum, that are related to endogenous development in local communities.

kaneko00 Major / Research Topics / Keywords

Anthropology / Material culture / Techniques of body / Local knowledge / Cultural transmission / Community museum


Japan Association for African Studies
Japan Association for Nilo-Ethiopian Studies
The Society for Ethno-Arts
The Society for Ecological Anthropology
Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology
International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Science
International Society of Ethnobiology

Contact E-mail Address kaneko04

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  • Special exhibition on Ensete and Aari People, South Omo Research Center and Museum, Ethiopia, 1st September 2013-15th March 2014.

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