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Makoto Kakeya Emeritus Professor


I have been elucidating the interaction between nature, society, and culture (and the dynamics thereof) among swidden practitioners in Africa from an eco-anthropological standpoint. Based on insights gained through this research, I am exploring the evolution of farming societies in Africa in the context of ecological history and the potential for intrinsic development in Africa. 。

Major / Research Topics / Keywords

Ecological anthropology, Ecology and society of swidden agriculture farmers, Rural development, Mechanism of standardization, Spontaneous development, African development, Extensive, Internal frontier, African intensification, Tanzania, Zambia

kakeya02 Publications
  • Kakeya M., Y. Sugiyama and S. Oyama 2006 The Citemene System, Social Leveling Mechanism, and Agrarian Changes in the Bemba Villages of Northern Zambia: An Overview of "Fixed-Point" Research. African Study Monographs 27 (1): 27-38.
  • Mattee A.Z., M. Araki, D.F. Rutatora, M. Kakeya, S. Kobayashi and U. Tanaka 2004 Introduction of the ‘SUA Method’: Concept and Approach to Sustainable Rural Development. Rutatora D.F.,A.J.P. Tarimo, A.Z. Mattee and E.J. Mtengeti (eds.) Perspectives and Approaches for Sustainable Rural Development in Africa. Sokoine University of Agriculture and JICA.
  • Kakeya M. et al. (eds) 1998 Integrated Agro-ecological Research of the Miombo Woodlands in Tanzania , JICA.
  • Kakeya M. 1994 "Social Linkage of Ecology and Religion in Ecological Anthropological Studies." In, Irimoto T. and T. Yamada (eds), Circumpolar Religion and Ecology, University of Tokyo Press, pp.247-249.

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