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Juichi Itani Professor


I have analyzed the technological systems related to the productivity and sustainability of indigenous African agriculture from an agronomic standpoint while simultaneously studying the interaction between these systems and the natural environment and other livelihoods. In addition, while investigating the impact that modern agriculture has on indigenous agriculture, I study how imported (non-traditional) livelihoods are perceived and positioned in the context of traditional agricultural society.

Major / Research Topics / Keywords

Tropical agriculture / Rural development / Tanzania, Conventional agriculture, Miombo forest

Associations itani

Japan Association for African Studies
Crop Science Society of Japan
Japanese Society for Tropical Agriculture
Japan Society of Tropical Ecology
Society for Ecological Anthropology

  • Mhando, D. and J. Itani、Indigenous Farming System and Farmers' Coping Strategies to a Changed Coffee Market after Economic Liberalization, 2009, Research Report for Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (KAKENHI) 2004-2007, 361-382
  • J. Itani, 2007, Effects of socio-economic changes on cultivation systems under customary land tenure in Mbozi District, southeastern Tanzania, African Study Monographs, 34: 57-74
  • J. Itani, 2007, Farmers'coping strategies to a changed coffee market after economic liberalization: The case of Mbinga District in Tanzania, African Study Monographs, 36: 39-58, (Co-authored with D. G. Mhando)
  • J. Itani, 2004 The SUA Method: The Case Study from Mbinga. Perspectives and Approaches for Sustainable Rural Development in Africa. Proceedings of the International Conference, SCSRD/JICA, 333-357, (Co-authored with J. Nsenga et al.).
  • J. Itani, 1999 Studies on mechanisms of dehydration postponment in cassava leaves under short-term soil water deficits, Plant Prod. Sci., 2: 184-189.
  • J. Itani, 1998 Evaluation of an indigenous farming system in the Matengo Highlands, Tanzania, and its sustainability, African Study Monographs, 19: 55-68.
  • J. Itani, 1993 Drought tolerance of cowpea, 3. Effect of soil water deficit on leaf longevidy in cowpea, Japanese Journal of Tropical Agriculture, 37: 107-114.
  • J. Itani, 1992 Drought tolerance of cowpea, 2. Comparative study on water relations and photosynthesis among cowpea, soybean, common bean and greengram plants under water stress conditions, Japanese Journal of Tropical Agriculture, 36: 269-274.
  • J. Itani, 1992 Drought tolerance of copwpea, 1. Studies on water absorption ability of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp. var. unguiculata), Japanese Journal of Tropical Agriculture, 36: 37-44.

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