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Jun IkenoProfessor


Based on research focusing on rural communities in the semi-arid region of East Africa, I have studied changes in the rural socio-economic structure by analyzing the diversity of livelihood patterns, including urban labor migration. I conduct dynamic analysis of changes in rural communities by looking at the ways communities adapt to external changes in the political, economic, and social environments, and how they realize endogenous development capacity leading to its own social transformation.


Area Study, Tanzanian Study, Rural Socio-economic Transformation, Livelihood Strategy, East African Economy

Background and Position Held

Birth Place: Osaka, Japan
Career of Education:
Mar. 1973 Graduated from Koyo Gakuin Senior High School (Nishinomiya, JAPAN)
Mar. 1978 B. of Economics (Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo)
Jan. 2008 Ph.D. (Kyoto University)
Career of Job:
Apr. 1978-Dec. 1996 Researcher, Institute of Developing Economies (Tokyo, JAPAN)
Jan. 1997-Mar. 1998 Associate Professor, Graduate School of Humanity and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University
Apr. 1998-Mar. 2008 Associate Professor, Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University
Apr. 2008-present Professor, Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University.


Japan Association for African Studies
Political Economy and Economic History Society
Japanese Society of Regional and Agricultural Development
Japanese Association for Rural Studies
Association of Ecological Anthropology

Books ikeno2 Articles
  • IKENO Jun (2014) “History of Tanzanian Land Policy: A Preliminary Article on the Land Laws from the Colonial Era to present” (in Japanese) in TAKEUCHI Shin’ichi ed., Preliminary Report on Land and State in Africa, Institute of Developing Economies, pp.6-41.
  • IKENO Jun (2010) “Irrigation and Water Supply Project on the Foot of the Northern Pare Mountains, Tanzania”(in Japanese) Development Study (Japanese Society of Regional and Agricultural Development) 21-2 pp.9-15.
  • IKENO Jun (2003) “A Consideration on the Poverty in Tanzania” (in Japanese) Asian and African Area Studies (Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies, Kyoto University) 3 pp.224-236.
  • IKENO Jun (2001) “The Structural Adjustment Programs and Tanzanian Post-colonial Economy” (in Japanese) in AKIMOTO Eiichi ed., Globalization and Options of National Economies Tokyo University Press pp.245-276.
  • IKENO Jun (1995) “Tanzanian Agriculture under the Structural Adjustment Programs: With special reference to the Agricultural Policy and Producers” (in Japanese) in HARAGUCHI Takehiko ed., Structural Adjustment Programs and Agriculture in Africa Institute of Developing Economies pp.11-56.
  • IKENO, Jun (1992) "Tanzanian Agriculture under the Structural Adjustment Programmes: with Special Reference to Two Villages in Kilimanjaro Region", IDE Africa Project Team ed., African Political Economy in Transition, Institute of Developing Economies, (Africa Research Series No.5), pp.82-111.
  • IKENO, Jun (1987) “Arid and Semi-Arid Land Development (ASAL) in Kenya”(in Japanese), in YOSHIDA, Masao ed., Economic Crisis and Development Policy in Africa in 1980s, IDE, pp.179-211.
  • IKENO, Jun (1985) “Land Registration and Land Tenure in the Semi-arid Area, Eastern Kenya”(in Japanese), Afurika Kenkyu 27, pp.91-106.
  • IKENO, Jun (1981) “Cotton Production in Sukumaland, Tanzania”(in Japanese), Ajia Keizai 22811/12), pp.57-80.
  • IKENO, Jun (1978) “Land Tenure System of the Haya: with special reference to Nyarubanja System and Squatter System” (in Japanese), Ajia Keizai 20(12), pp.77-89.
ikeno3 Major Research Projects

2000-2002: Study on History of Socio-economic Aspects of African Rural Poverty

2004-2006: Study on Formation of Regional Socio-economic Zones around Coffee Production Areas in East Africa

2007-2010: Study on Food Security and Livelihood of Rural Areas in South-eastern Africa

2012-: Socio-economic Study on Livelihood Strategy in Rural Zanzibar

2013‒: Integrated Study on vitalizing Tanzanian Local Economies with Sustainable Resource Management

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