Organization and Research Activities


SHIMADA, Shuhei, D.Sc. (Tohoku Univ.), Human Geography
ARAKI, Shigeru, D.Agr. (Kyoto Univ.), Agricultural Ecology and Soil Science
KAJI, Shigeki D.Lit. (Kyoto Univ.), Agricultural Ecology and Soil Science
OHTA, Itaru, D.Sc. (Kyoto Univ.), Anthropology
IKENO, Jun, Economics and Rural Sociology
SHIGETA, Masayoshi, D.Agr. (Kyoto Univ.), Agricultural Ecology and Anthropology
Associate Professors
MIZUNO, Kazuharu, D.Sc. (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.), Physical Geography
KIMURA, Daiji, D.Sc. (Kyoto Univ.), Anthropology
ITANI, Juichi, D.Agr. (Kyoto Univ.), Agricultural Ecology and Crop Science
YAMAKOSHI, Gen, D.Sc. (Kyoto Univ.), Animal Ecology
TAKADA, Akira, Human & Envirnmtl. Studies (Kyoto Univ.), Anthropology
OYAMA, Shuichi, Human & Envirnmtl. Studies (Kyoto Univ.), Anthropology
Assistant Professor
SAGAWA, Toru, Area Studies (Kyoto Univ.), Anthropology



  As the only institution of African area studies in Japan, the Center promotes African studies by providing various facilities and information to those in and outside the University. CAAS also organizes monthly seminars and symposia that are open to the public.
  The CAAS library now holds more than 18,000 books and more than 530 periodicals, as well as an extensive map collection. The computer room possesses about 100 satellite images of Africa and surrounding regions, including magnetic tapes used for environmental analysis using a Windows NT workstation. A database called AFLORA is available in which more than 10,000 records of useful plants in Africa are stored in terms of usage, vernacular names, ritual meanings and other matters. There is also a collection of African insects and plant specimens available to researchers.



  CAAS publishes African Study Monographs, a quarterly English language journal which is unique in covering all fields pertaining to Africa. Topical supplementary issues of African Study Monographs are also occasionally published, as is an Annual Report in Japanese.
  Additional information about CAAS and its activities, in both English and Japanese, can be obtained by accessing CAAS's Internet home page (